Training Modules

Teaching Gender to Secondary and Tertiary Students

This is a series of five modules on teaching gender to secondary and tertiary students. The modules are intended for teachers and facilitators to engage youth in gender-based discussions of agricultural careers. Youth may make career choices based on the gender norms of the adults around them without critical awareness of their internalized gender bias. These modules show teachers how to challenge youth to critically analyze whether they are basing judgement of tasks, skills and responsibilities on sex or gender norms. The goal of the training for youth is to enable them to consider career paths primarily by interest and skill rather than being limited by an internalized or societal gender bias.

Lesson plans and instructional materials for each module coming soon!

 Module 1: Introduction

Launch Presentation

Module 1 Powerpoint version

Module 1 Lesson Plan

Module 2: “Sex” v. “Gender”

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Module 2 Powerpoint version

Module 2 Lesson Plan

Attachment 1 Module 2                                       Attachment 5 Module 2

Attachment 2 Module 2                                     Attachment 6 Module 2

Attachment 3 Module 2                                     Attachment 7 Module 2

Attachment 4 Module 2                                     Attachment 8 Module 2

Module 3: Gender and Household Dynamics

Launch Presentation

Module 3 Powerpoint version

Module 3 Lesson Plan

Attachment Module 3

Module 4: Gender and Activities Outside the Home

Launch Presentation

Module 4 Powerpoint version

Module 4 Lesson Plan

Attachment Module 4

Module 5: Societal Influences on Traditional Gender Roles in Agriculture

Launch Presentation

Module 5 Powerpoint version

Module 5 Lesson Plan

Attachment Module 5

Gender in Agriculture, Education and Training

This e-learning module provides insight into the gender issues in formal agricultural education programs. It also presents good practices or strategies for addressing gender issues and encouraging girls in the agricultural sciences.


Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training

This e-learning module presents topics including ATVET curriculum development, training needs for agricultural value chains, examples of ATVET programming and good practices to support economic growth.

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